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Please allow me to deliver this letter to you. I have a good story of my experiences to share with you today, and just need three minutes of your time to tell it to you right now. But If you think you wouldn’t want to read it, then you might have just thrown away such good information that could really be useful for your business in the next level. Yeah, I really appreciate your time, so I wouldn’t want to say anything more and just start the story straight away. Hello, I am Udi at Nupradan Furniture Indonesia, an Indonesian Furniture Wholesaler, and Indonesian Furniture Supplier. It is a pleasure and a wonderful opportunity to see you this time. I believe that you might be looking for a supplier to just simply look for alternative suppliers, or might intend to find more suppliers to develop your business even bigger. You might be confused with information on the internet or Indonesia Furniture directory, there are many Indonesian Furniture Makers or Indonesian Furniture Exporters, but you are in a careful way to find the right one for your business, and you do not want to waste time with trial and error, knowing at last work with unproven suppliers performances. Please keep reading... For sure, I am going to tell you who we are, what we do, and why we are different with other Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers. And I am sure in the end of the story you will find anything that convince you to purchase Indonesian Furniture (Indonesian Mahogany Furniture and/or Indonesian Teak Furniture) from me in the future, and will definitely get into decision to choose me to be your new supplier. The story begin back from at the beginning of year 2000 when I started the business. I was focusing on local market, but even though worked in local market, I always also looked for opportunities to supply the export market. I had many chances to meet some overseas buyers online who already bought Indonesian Wooden Furniture, it was really a valuable time for me having a chance to speak to them. During the conversations, not least of the buyers said that they found it was so difficult to get products which are really good in terms of construction and the final products itself, good products which are coming from reliable, trusted and responsible suppliers. They said, effort that they had to do sometimes was not comparable with the results. They had to take their time and effort to come directly to the Indonesian Furniture Warehouses, meet the suppliers and inspect all the things by themselves. Despite coming all the way from their country from within thousands of miles, determining the products does not match expectations at the end are things that cause they were very disappointed. They loss of time, money and effort. Of course. At this stage, you may also experienced a similar situation with them... Once, one of them from French said that he had just lose a lot of money because he had bought 10 containers of furniture but when three or four of the containers come in his warehouse, he was very disappointed knowing the products were in very bad condition and worth of waste. The products were cracking, had a lot of powder coming out from the termites. He wanted to cancel the rest of orders to the supplier, but it can not be done because he had confirmed orders and had sent deposits to suppliers for all 10 container- order. It was a bad stories from him. One important action that was finally taken by the buyers was they decided to do business just with suppliers who can really work, reliable , responsible, and of course the one that is honest and able to work with the heart. Working with the heart will produce a truly original and good products in terms of productivity (in connection with numbers of supplies they would be able to do) and quality. Not an easy task to do anyway, but… To make a long story short, at the end I asked for an opportunity from the buyers to show the results of my work, and my capability, and I wanted to proof that I can be a good partner for them. Fortunately, one of the buyer took my offer and gave me a chance straight away. And I promised not to waste this wonderful opportunity. Here was what happened next… One-container order eventually entrusted to me as a trial order by an Indonesian Furniture Perth company (he is an importer and a wholesaler) in West Australia. It was of 1 x 40ft container. As I promised to him, I would have to do it right and promised not to disappoint him for this opportunity. I did the first order in a time frame agreed, and got a tremendous response from him. The products that I shipped were in good condition, good color, and no damage. This surely made my confidence increased, and believed I could supply furniture with good quality as buyer’s expectation. And guess, he then placed the second order, to be finished in a time frame agreed. As the container received by him, the response to the products in the container were also really good. This leaded to the 3rd, the 4th and so on of orders from him. And as usual, I can finished the orders on time and again got fantastic responses from him. He was so enthusiastic to grow our business into much bigger orders. Here’s what he told me about my products and services by that time:
“I appreciate your assistance and it will make a big difference on the amount of orders I can place with you. I would like to handle more of your products as the quality is much better than the others. I also believe you can do a much better job on the quality control as I have always found you to be much more professional then anyone else I have dealt with in Indonesia. I would like to organize one 40ft container per week of your products to come through your system. I believe that in the long term your products have more potential for long term business. As I mentioned before, I very much appreciate your assistance in making things easier so we can increase the amount of business we do together. Please pass on my appreciation to your partners.” – W.H, Fremantle, West Australia, an Indonesian Furniture Perth Company –
You know what, we finally work on five containers of Indonesian Mahogany Furniture in a monthly basis with him, and he become one of my valued customers. Some people would say it is too risky doing business this way, but we each other have never met offline. We have strong relationship and trustworthy each other. Armed with the confidence of the early success I had made, I repeat the same, asked for an opportunity to the other buyers, and they ultimately entrusted some orders to me. They wanted good quality both of Indonesian Teak Furniture as well as Indonesian Mahogany Furniture to come through my system. Such guesses as yours, everyone said the same thing that my products were so good and my service was satisfactory. I got the trust from them to handle more orders. Read more testimonials from my satisfied customers here... Note, with the trust from the buyers, my business developed relatively fast and steady. There are good demands in many countries of Imported Indonesian Furniture. And in just over two years since the start of exporting, I finally reached of 10 containers in volume of orders from my customers from many countries to be supplied in a monthly basis. I always do the best to supply the furniture and continue to improve my capability with good quality furniture by presenting the rules of the desired quality standards to our customers. I work with my heart on this job to deliver good quality products. My passion is to continue working providing good quality products, to be a professional suppliers, reliable yet responsible supplier. I am working in a good shape and have mutual relationship with village producers who are very skilled and experienced in the field. On the way of the business, I have found that the use of kiln dried wood is a mandatory to making good quality Indonesian Timber Furniture. And as our commitment in providing good quality furniture, I do quality check in every stage of production. Started from choosing the materials, assembling, construction, finishing, up until the packaging and loading into the container. All I do it thoroughly with my team. I understand there may be further questions and consideration coming into your mind about the price that I can offer. It is common in the market that a good product quality is always parallel to the expensive price. But I can confirm here that the price of our products are ready to compete against prices from other suppliers who have the same quality standards. I can offer such very competitive prices, because I experienced in supplying customers in volume basis, of whom they need special prices for regular quantity orders. You may check my prices and catalogue here... But before I am sending my pricelist into your mailbox, let me show you some of my furniture production models, from Indonesian Bedroom Furniture, Bookcase, Chest of Drawers, Entertainment Cabinets, and Tables. Or you may choose and click on product categories on the sidebar. Generally I created these products based on market responses. The most good selling products of my selection are shown here. There is also a new design which I name it Mission Style Furniture. This design comes from the significant market demand from some of our customers. Of course, you do not have to impose models that is shown here if you think the models does not match with your market and you have known that those won’t get good responses in your business market. I am also possible to realize your own designs. I gladly am able to do models that suits your market demand, for sure. For that purpose, you can make a contact with me and send the models to my mailbox. I will make price quotations for the products and promise to offer really competitive prices. OK, now… That was my full story which finally take me get successful in the business. I am sure you have noted a good way in your mind about me. But I want to make it more clear, below is a list of points that are absolutely needed in a business, points that make me different compared to the other suppliers. Yes, I… - am A Wholesale Indonesian Furniture - am A reliable Indonesian Furniture supplier - am A trusted supplier - am A responsible supplier - produce good quality Teak Indonesian Furniture, and Indonesian Mahogany Furniture - am experienced in the industry - am A helpful supplier to assist buyers getting the quality furniture - am an Indonesian Furniture Exporter supplying many containers of our products to many countries in a monthly basis - have a passion to supplying good quality products to customers - can manufacture designs as buyers desire - always work with heart to manufacture good quality furniture - always offer very competitive prices to buyers I always want to do a good and mutual business with any Wholesale Indonesian Furniture Adelaide Importers, Wholesalers of Indonesian Furniture Australia, Importers of Indonesian Furniture Wellington, and many more countries. From the above important points to help getting into decision, would you like to place your next orders coming from my system? I believe you would say YES, and so that I am awaiting further contact from you. We will discuss a bit more detail how I will supply volume orders to you. Thank you. Udi U. Nupradan Furniture Indonesia