Wholesale Company Indonesia Furniture, Manufacturer & Supplier

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer – Welcome to Nupradan Furniture. We are an Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier, established and started the activity in early of 2000. Until now, we have been exporting our products to many countries worldwide and eager to flourish our company into one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters in furniture industry.

At present, we are actively engaged in manufacturing and marketing our furniture to many more buyers worldwide, including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand NZ, Singapore, South Africa, UK, etc.

Indonesia Furniture Company with Quality Products

We are an Indonesia Furniture Company manufacturing wooden or timber furniture, and presenting all kind of wood from teak, mahogany, and wicker or rattan furniture. In our production activities, we always put quality control in every steps of production process in the top agenda. This to ensure that our furniture meet the high-quality standard as expected by the buyers and customers. To sustain this, we employ highly-skilled employees to our manufacturing process, and inspect all the steps of woodworking.

We are providing and aiming to accommodate our customers satisfaction. Of course, we always still maintain our prices as low as possible to afford price ranges for our customers.

Indonesia Furniture Wholesale Offers Custom Designs from Buyers and Customers

As an Indonesia Furniture Wholesale supplier, we offer to manufacture furniture made in Indonesia of custom designs from our buyers and customers, including colonial style furniture, antique reproduction furniture, mission style furniture, modern furniture, contemporary furniture, Javanese style furniture, traditional style furniture, rustic furniture, wicker and rattan furniture, etc.

Currently, our production capacity is 6-8 containers a month, all of which have been promptly delivered to our satisfaction customers. We are eager to manage more containers of Wholesale Indonesian Furniture in a monthly basis for you.

Indonesian Furniture Supplier with Trustworthy, Responsibility and Reliability

If you are confused with many information on the internet about Indonesian Furniture Supplier, are in a careful way to find the right Indonesian Furniture Supplier for your business, and do not want to waste time with trials and errors then knowing at last work with unproven suppliers, you are on the right place. We are here as a Trusted Indonesian Furniture Supplier who will assist you manufacturing custom designs of your special items at affordable price.

We are keenly interested in establishing an everlasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact us for price quotation of your special designs by email. We do hope of having very good business, mutual and long term in the near future.