Care Instruction

  • Natural Timber – We deal in plantation-grown Natural Solid Mahogany, around 12% of Moisture Content (MC) level, and finished by hand. In this case we will always come across slight variances in grain, colour, finish, and no two products are ever the same, adding to the character of each piece. Over time the timbers may move as the piece adjusts to climate changes. Hairline splitting may appear which adds to the individuality of the item.
  • Paper Sticking to the Furniture – This will happen on occasion if the furniture was not completely dried before being wrapped and packed.

To overcome this, you simply need to use either water, or furniture polish along with a very fine steel wool, no scrubbing will be required, just a gentle rub and it will come off.

  • Fur like fluff – Full containers sit on the water for many weeks, if the container is near the top of the ship and has constant sunlight, the inside of the container becomes extremely warm, condensation will start to occur. The condensation can then form on the roof of the container and drip down onto the furniture, this can then cause a fur like fluff forming on the furniture.

To overcome this, a gentle brush of the fur will remove it, it will not come back either.