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Colonial Furniture Makers

Choose The Right Colonial Furniture Makers from Indonesia

Colonial Style Furniture are favored by buyers in the world. One is Australia. There in Australia, a lot of shops sell furniture of colonial style but little is presenting good quality ones.

Colonial Furniture Makers

Colonial Furniture Makers

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Dutch Colonial Furniture

The Dutch Colonial Furniture: The Most Popular Furniture Style during Colonial Periods

The Dutch colonial furniture refers to the Dutch style furniture in colonial periods, thus, it is also known as colonial style furniture. The exterior design during the Dutch colonial period is also strongly influenced by the Dutch style. The traditional home exterior is made of stone or brick, which is stood up to four storey’s height. The interior of Dutch traditional houses usually has a cellar, which mostly consists of front and back rooms. The furniture during this period is characterized by a heavy and ornate style, which is influenced by the heritage for the colonialized countries.

The Dominant Style of Dutch colonial furniture

The Dutch colonial furniture heritage can be seen clearly from every furniture style that exists during that period, such as bedroom furniture, chairs, tables or even room decorations. The dominant style for furniture is also distinguishable from modern furniture. For example from the bedroom furniture style, it is dominated by very large wardrobe. This bedroom furniture is a very typical style for Dutch house’s bedroom. The large wardrobe is called “Kas”, which is mostly ornate with carving decoration. The carved decoration gives a strong accent for this kind of closet as the bedroom furniture. The massive panel is commonly painted with the flower or fruits which are also dominant motifs for Dutch furniture. As for the bed, it is built in to an alcove corned; it is completed with the paneled sides or door like barrieds for the protection purpose.

The chairs of Dutch colonial furniture come in two different dominant types: the simple ladder back chairs and the fiddle back chairs. Either models commonly have a seat woven of splint or rush. The extension of the turning is the chair character from the Dutch colonial style that can be used to distinguish the colonial style with the pilgrim counterparts. The tables are usually made of strong stuff, which is up to 4 inches in wide. The dining table of Dutch colonial style has its specialty in the built in large storage case, which is located just below the top of the table.

Colonial Revival Furniture

Awesome Colonial Revival Furniture Ideas

It is time for you to apply the best appearance of furniture to be used. With the presence of colonial revival furniture, you will be able to make the design of your house becomes nicer with it. It is true that with the presence of furniture, you will improve the appearance of your house nicely. First thing first, it is good idea for you to apply the furniture in a right place. Make sure to place it in the right part of your room. When you can apply your furniture in the best place, there is nothing that you need to worry anymore. You can finally able to feel happy with it.

Awesome Colonial Revival Furniture

The presence of colonial revival furniture will make your house appear classic with it. Here are several benefits that you can find upon applying it. First, you will be able to apply the best appearance of home decor that can make you fall in love with it. In fact, if you want to apply a European style of home decor, this one can do the best for you. Second, you can also apply a nice style of home decoration which is available with an affordable cost in it. By choosing the colonial style furniture which is available with an affordable cost, you can save your budgets to buy other things.

Third, using colonial revival furniture will allow you to feel good mood with it. When you can apply a nice style of home decor, furniture is the best object that you can add in it. You have to consider about selecting the one that has a good color in it. It is true that you can try to apply the one that has a fresh color in it. The type of fresh color that you can apply is white color and yellow color. Feel free to select this type of color to be used from now on.

By choosing the best appearance of home decor, you will be able to get the things that you need. After you apply colonial revival furniture, you will feel the best advantages in it. Best home decoration idea is so wonderful to be used.